Stuart Little Remake In The Works

Adorable cartoon mouse “Stuart Little” is making a comeback it seems with Sony Pictures and Red Wagon Entertainment reportedly developing a reboot of the franchise.

The new film is said to be less of a remake and more of a whole new adaptation of E.B. White’s 1945 novel and will adopt a more mature tone said to be akin to a classic 1980s John Hughes movie. How much of the source material will be altered is unclear.

It is expected the film, like the original 1999 film adaptation, will again be a mix of live-action and computer animation in its telling of the story of the mouse and his adoption by a human family called the Littles.

Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie, Michael J. Fox and Jonathan Lipnicki starred in the original and its 2002 sequel along with lending their voices to the direct-to-video animated third film in 2006. Douglas Wick will reportedly produce.

This isn’t the only 1990s remake that Red Wagon are involved in as they’re also developing the new version of “The Craft”.

Source: The Tracking Board