Stuart Beattie on “Tarzan,” “War Began 2”

Screenwriter turned director Stuart Beattie, out doing promotion for his new film “I, Frankenstein” opening next week, has offered a quick update on two projects he has been linked to in times past.

First up, Warners’ “Tarzan” reboot. Beattie was attached when Stephen Sommers was set to direct. When Sommers left, so did Beattie, and so the project has undergone a bunch of changes. Beattie explained to Coming Soon what his version of the project wanted to do:

“It was the idea that, you know Tarzan’s been told so many times and you’ve got to do it differently, so it was more like the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ version of Tarzan where it was a witch doctor in the jungle and he was raising animals back from the dead, so there was this great elephant graveyard scene where the elephants come back and they’re half decomposed. It’s unnatural in the jungle and so Tarzan had to set nature back to being nature.”

Beattie also says that he’s no longer involved in the sequel to “Tomorrow, When the War Began,” the Australian action film he adapted and directed. It turns out the project moved too slow for him:

“I wrote outlines for the second and third film. I begged and begged and begged and begged. I said, ‘Please, just let me write the script, let me write the script,’ and by the time they finally decided to hire me to write the script, I’d taken Frankenstein. You know, they just took too long and you’ve got to keep working, you know?”