Strong “Okja” Reviews Despite Screening Blunders

The first screening of “Snowpiercer” director Bong Joon ho’s new film “Okja” was already controversial even before it began.

In the weeks leading up to, and certainly in the first few days of the Cannes Film Festival, the Netflix original film has become a lightning rod for the debate over theatrical exhibition exclusivity and the future of how people watch films.

But tweets out of the screening set social media afire with what was happening. Those attending reportedly not only had major issues with security to get into the screening but when the movie began it was projected in the wrong aspect ratio for more than six minutes.

Critics reportedly booed and stomped their feet until it was fixed and the screening resumed without further issues. Even so, the festival has had to issue an apology for the incident and says in a statement: “This incident is completely due to the technical staff of the festival who deeply apologize to the director and his team, to the producers as well as to the audience.”

While reviews haven’t quite hit yet, the first reactions are in and there’s a lot of praise on offer for the film. Here’s some of the reactions from critics in attendance:

“Okja” is slated to premiere worldwide on Netflix on June 28th.