Strike Shuts Down Major Shows

With the Writer’s Guild strike in full effect and no sign of any progress, some serious blood has begun to flow.

Many of the major television networks had prepared for the strike and thus had several episode scripts for the prime time series were completed in advance, enough to basically allow most shows to finish up mid-season in late November/early December.

Now however, it seems that some many may not even make that with various on-set distractions and crew members not showing up for work in order to show their support for the writers by not crossing the picket lines.

Most major sitcoms seem to have been hit hardest. NBC’s “The Office” has been able to shoot only two scenes since Monday, meaning next week’s episode will be the last new episode to screen.

The likes of “Back to You,” “Two and a Half Men,” “The Big Bang Theory,” and “The New Adventures of Old Christine” have all stopped shooting.

Fox’s “Family Guy” has only one more episode to left this Sunday, several remain almost finished but creator and show runner Seth MacFarlane refuses to do finish them until the strike is over.

Prime time dramas are likely to be affected as well with “Desperate Housewives” and “House” set to shut down shortly.

“Heroes” has reshot the second half of its December 3rd episode to serve as a season finale in case the strike continues into December. Even mid-season shows are being affected with the planned 16 episodes of “Lost” starting in February likely to be cut back to the eight they’ve completed so far.

Most notable is that Fox’s high-profile “24” has been pulled altogether from the schedule. The network still plans to air the show as an uninterrupted season, but as to when it will begin is anybody’s guess right now – January would seem unlikely though anymore.

More as it develops.