“Strike Back” S6 Set For January 25th Launch

Strike Back S6 Set For January 25th Launch

Cinemax has set a January 25th premiere date for the sixth season of its action series “Strike Back,” and released a new promo trailer for the new run of episodes which were shot entirely in Malaysia.

Serving as the second season for the mini-reboot of the series, the episodes see the return of Warren Brown (“Luther”), Daniel MacPherson (“A Wrinkle in Time”) and Alin Sumarwata (“Neighbours”) where this time they’re joined by Jamie Bamber (“Battlestar Galactica”) and Yasemin Kay Allen (“Water and Fire”).

The new season begins when a Russian bomber crashes in the South China Sea. The covert special-ops soldiers of Section 20 – Thomas ‘Mac’ McAllister (Brown), Samuel Wyatt (MacPherson) and Gracie Novin (Sumarwata) – are sent on a mission to investigate and race across Southeast Asia in pursuit of the jet’s stolen contents.

Allen plays Katrina Zarkova, a rogue Russian operative with questionable loyalties. Bamber is Col. Alexander Coltrane, the unit’s new commanding officer.