Stretch, “Sundown,” “Creep” Coming To VOD

Blumhouse Pictures (“Insidious,” “The Purge”) is set to launch BH Tilt, a venture that aims to give multi-platform releases to the smaller films it crafts for Universal Pictures says Deadline.

Blumhouse produces numerous films a year, and quite a few are movies the larger studio doesn’t see as having enough mass appeal to justify the expense of a full theatrical release. As a result, this often edgy micro budget indie fare will now instead find a home on VOD platforms.

The new label begins with the “Creep” trilogy by the Duplass Brothers. The most notable inclusions are Joe Carnahan’s “Stretch” and the remake of “The Town That Dreaded Sundown” which are both slated to score direct-to-digital releases next month.

Other projects on the BH Tilt list in the near future include Bryan Bertino’s “Mockingbird,” the Stephen King adaptation “Mercy” and Joe Johnston’s “Not Safe for Work”.