“Streets of Rage 4” Game Announced

Streets Of Rage 4 Game Announced

Game developers Lizardcube (“Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap”) and Guard Crush Games (“Streets of Fury”) are teaming to create “Streets of Rage 4,” a sequel in the beloved side-scrolling fist fighting series which saw the previous entry released all the way back in 1994 for SEGA consoles.

“Streets of Rage 4” is set to feature hand-drawn visuals and a fresh story focusing on series protagonists Axel and Blaze who will no doubt head out onto the street to punch the living daylights out of a bunch of nasty types whilst consuming roast chicken. There will also be some kind of co-op as part of some new mechanics introduced in the game.

The original games were arcade staples, helped along by its “The Warriors”-esque design and synthesised soundtracks by composer Yuzo Koshiro. DotEmu, who is also behind a sequel to 1990s sports arcade game “Windjammers,” will publish the new game in partnership with Sega.

Source: Twitter