“Street Fighter” Gets A Massive Collection

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise, Capcom is giving fans something they’ve long clamored for – a massive compilation pack of almost all the previous “Street Fighter” games.

The “Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection,” due for release in May next year, will include twelve complete and fully playable games: “Street Fighter,” “Street Fighter II,” “Street Fighter II: Champion Edition,” “Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting,” “Super Street Fighter II,” “Super Street Fighter II: Turbo,” “Street Fighter Alpha,” “Street Fighter Alpha 2,” “Street Fighter Alpha 3,” “Street Fighter III,” “Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact” and “Street Fighter III: Third Strike”.

Four of the games are set to be revamped with support for online multiplayer, including casual, free-play and ranked matches. Capcom will also be including globally ranked leaderboards.

The collection will feature 60 playable characters, never-before-seen concept art from the design phase of the various Street Fighter titles, and even the entire “Street Fighter” soundtrack from each of the included games complete with an in-game music player.

The collection will be available on PS4, PC, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Cinema Blend