Streaming Accounts For 28% Of TV Viewing

There’s no question that streaming new episodes of TV shows online or through media players has taken precedence over watching broadcast TV/DVR-ing shows for people – especially younger audiences. How much of a precedent though may surprise you.

A new survey from research company GIK MRI has revealed that around 28% of all TV watching is done through digital streaming – be it Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, Youtube, standalone streaming services, social media and network official sites.

Specifically 16% of those surveyed watch TV through computers or mobile devices, 9% use Smart TVs and media players (Roku, Apple TV, ChromeCast), and 3% through other devices like game consoles.

It also isn’t a case of cable cutters vs. cable devotees. 41% of those polled in the survey are called ‘Digital Enthusiasts’ which means they have both a cable/satellite subscription and at least three streaming options.

Live viewing isn’t dead though with 39% of those surveyed admitting to watching live telecasts, still the most popular way to watch TV.

Source: Broadcasting Cable