“Stranger Things” Showrunners To Step Back?

A new rumor has sprung up suggesting that “Stranger Things” creators Matt and Ross Duffer will be less involved in their supernatural Netflix TV series after the upcoming third season.

Moviefone reported this morning that the pair are looking to move on… sort of. The report indicates that their deal with Netflix requires the development of at least two more projects for the streaming giant, and that is pulling them away from their current gig.

Additionally, the pair have been taking meetings with Hollywood studio executives about helming another feature-length film following their first foray with the little-seen Alexander Skarsgard-led “Hidden”. If true, the Duffers would still oversee the writers’ room and maintain their executive producer credits but would not be serving as showrunners for the fourth season.

Collider has posted a follow-up to the report with their source denying the original one, saying the plan for now is for the Duffers to remain onboard in their usual capacity for the fourth season. In the past, the pair has indicated the series has about four or five seasons of story to tell in total.

The third season is targeting an April start of production ahead of a premiere on Netflix in early 2019.