“Stranger Things” Satire Sells A Sex Toy

Are you ready for the Demogorgon dildo? Sex toy manufacturer Bad Dragon, known for its toys styled after aliens and monsters, are getting in on the “Stranger Things” craze with the selling of a dildo based on Netflix’s supernatural series.

In fact they’ve gone above and beyond, crafting a two-part eight minute parody titled ‘Stranger Dongs’ in which a scientist desperately tires to track down a monster that’s escaped from another dimension into ours. Cue more adult interpretations of several charcters along with signature ‘Stranger’ traits like synth scores, biosuits, torches, guys on bikes at night, etc.

As for the toy itself, which more resembles one of the graboids from the “Tremors” franchise than an actual appendage, it comes in dozens of colors and runs up to 12.3″ in length.