“Stranger Things” Lawsuit Takes A Turn

The case of the lawsuit against Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” has taken a bit of a turn.

Charlie Kessler filed a lawsuit claiming the Duffers allegedly took ideas he pitched to them during a Tribeca Film Festival party in 2014 and used them to create their show, a big part of his case being the development title of the series was “Montauk” (the same name as a short film made by Kessler in 2012).

Now though, the Duffer Brothers have shared emails with TMZ showing the duo’s early development of the series and referring to it as “Montauk” as far back as November 2010.

Similarly, a Google document dated October 4th 2013 showcased the show’s premise, while two further e-mails from before the Kessler meeting confirms the pair’s vision for the show for the show was already firmly in place.

The courts have yet to rule on this case, but Kessler’s claims from the evidence produced to the public so far seem thin. Production kicks off shortly on the show’s third season.