“Stranger Things” Duo Want Fans To Adjust TVs

Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of last year’s streaming sensation “Stranger Things,” have issued a request that they hope fans will honor when watching the upcoming second season.

That request? Adjust your TVs to turn the awful soap opera-like motion-smoothing effect off. A product of modern HD televisions mainly for use in live sport, the effect is often switched on by default and famously makes TV and film look like it was shot on video.

As a result, cinematic visuals are rendered as cheap looking as game shows. The effect is not seen by everyone, but for quite a few – notably cinema purists – it’s incredibly annoying. The pair tell Vulture:

Matt: “The key thing is to turn off anything that says ‘motion,’ ‘TruMotion,’ ‘Smooth motion.’ When I go to my friends’ places back home, I’m constantly fixing their TVs. Us and everyone in Hollywood puts so much time and effort and money into getting things to look just right. And when you see it in someone’s home, it looks like it was shot on an iPhone.”

Ross: “It’s shocking! We were just at Comic-Con, and we walk on the main floor and the settings on every single TV is wrong. I was like, ‘Didn’t a bunch of nerds put this together? What is wrong with them?'”

Whether you watch it with motionflow on or off, the second season of “Stranger Things” hits the streaming service on October 27th.