“Strange,” “Skull Island” Get Blacklight Posters

Two major upcoming blockbusters unleashed new exclusive limited run posters recently, one-sheets that make use of an old technology – blacklight.

Both “Doctor Strange” and “Kong: Skull Island” handed out the posters at the recent IMAX screening and New York Comic Con respectively with fans discovering that a whole bunch more in the image can be found under UV lighting.

The ‘Strange’ poster delivers visuals akin to Steve Ditko’s illustrations and their psychedelic colors. ‘Kong’ on the other hand suggests the entire island rests over the bones of a giant monster. There’s also the Monarch logo last seen in 2015’s “Godzilla” reboot. You can see the regular and blacklight versions of both posters below.

“Doctor Strange” opens November 4th, “Kong: Skull Island” opens March 10th.

Source: Coming Soon