Strange Quantum of Solace Plans

When it comes to the big event films, simultaneous worldwide releases these days is a must in order to avoid box-office erosion from piracy.

The makers of the upcoming 22nd James Bond film “Quantum of Solace” seemed well aware of that with the film scheduled to debut in practically all international territories over the space of two days (November 5th-7th).

There are notable exceptions – New Zealand has to wait an additional month, whilst South Africa and Australia (one of the biggest TV & movie torrent downloaders in the world) an additional three weeks before they get to see it – so it’s expected the film will lose at least several thousand ticket sales in those countries to camcorded versions of ‘Solace’ leaking online.

Now though the studio may lose a whole lot more than that with word today that the film will go on general release in the UK on October 31st, a full week before the rest of the world reports The Belfast Telegraph.

Variety reports that the film’s budget is a whopping $230 million, a figure that easily dwarfs the $140 million that “Casino Royale” cost to make. The first trailer for the film is scheduled to debut on copies of the Will Smith starrer “Hancock” on July 2nd according to AICN.

The Mirror reports that “Quantum of Solace” will feature the longest ever pre-titles sequence for a James Bond film running at nearly half an hour and featuring the likes of a Harrier jump jet, a speed boat and a helicopter fight. Til now the longest pre-titles sequence was the spectacular boat chase down the Thames and through London’s streets in 1999’s “The World is Not Enough”.

The report does sound rather erroneous however, and the much more accurate MI6 says that filming will take place in Italy between the resort towns of Malcesine, Tempesta and Navene for the sequence. What we will actually see is a stunning 200 KPH car chase along the banks of Lake Garda and some stunt driving through a series of tunnels culminating in a huge truck explosion. It’s already been confirmed the speed boat chase happens later in the film in scenes set in Bolivia.

Filming on the project leaves Panama and moves to Chile on Monday. Observatorio Paranal, Cobija, Baquedano, and Michilla will all serve as locations for scenes in the feature. Shooting continues in Panama which doubles for Bolivia in the film, and scenes were filmed the other week in Noriega’s dilapidated club in Panama City.

A recent interview in Premiere reveals that part of the plot has forensic intelligence linking a traitorous MI6 agent to a bank account in Haiti. When Bond investigates, he first meets the film’s main Bond girl – the Ukrainian-Bolivian femme fatale Camille (Olga Kurylenko).