Stone: Pokemon Go Is The New “1984”

Appearing at Comic Con this morning to promote “Snowden,” filmmaker Oliver Stone has revealed he’s not a fan of the latest mobile game craze – Pokemon Go. In fact, he has stern words for those who are.

During a panel for the film, he was asked about the app and responded that he considers it “a new level of invasion”. He says: “They are data mining every person in this room. It’s what they call surveillance capitalism.” He adds the app could help usher in “a new form of frankly a robot society…it’s what they call totalitarianism.”

Stone isn’t the first to raise concerns about the data collection abilities of Pokemon Go as the app initially required access to a user’s entire Google account on iOS, including location data, email and browsing history. “Snowden” hits cinemas on September 16th.

Source: Variety