Stone Plans Fourth Cut of “Alexander”

So much for “Alexander: The Final Cut” being the actual final cut.

Doing publicity for the disc release of “Savages” this week, filmmaker Oliver Stone revealed to Collider that he’s been asked by Warner Brothers to cut together a fourth version of his historical epic biopic “Alexander” for a future disc release.

Stone’s original theatrical cut ran 175 minutes. In 2005 he released what he calls a “rushed director’s cut” which removed 30 minutes of footage and added nine back in.

In 2007 however came ‘The Final Cut’, the one that’s most easily available now and runs 214 minutes. Stone called this version the “complete Alexander, the clearest interpretation I can offer.” It also easily scored the best reviews out of all three versions of the film.

Now, Stone says: “I’m going to go back next year actually. I’ve been asked by Warner Brothers because they did so well with ‘The Final Cut’. They actually sold more than a million copies. They’ve asked me to go back next year and do a fourth version. Frankly, it’s a movie about history and I just feel like I can add something more. I wouldn’t do it otherwise.”

The key difference with the new cut isn’t more additions, but subtractions: “I don’t need more footage. I want to cut it down now because I added too much. I want it to come back a little bit. There’s some trimming [needed].”