Stone Directs “Guantanamo” Drama Series

Weinstein Television has announced they have acquired the multi-season dramatic series “Guantanamo” which will mark Oliver Stone’s first time serving as director of scripted television.

Created by Daniel Voll (“The Unit”), the series will focus on the detainees held in the world’s most controversial prison, and those who defend and condemn them.

The multi-perspective series, in the vein of “Traffic,” is based in part on Voll’s first-hand research and will provide an inside, never-before-seen look into the darkest corners of Guantanamo.

The series will not only tell the story of the detainees, but will follow the lives of the soldiers, judges, lawyers, doctors, journalists and other civilians on the remote military base.

Stone plans to direct all of season one which Alexandra Milchan (“The Wolf of Wall Street”) will produce.

Source: The Weinstein Company