Stock Characters In “The Thing” Prequel

A casting breakdown for the upcoming prequel to John Carpenter’s 1982 classic “The Thing” has been revealed over at Bloody Disgusting, and the character descriptions have given away some further plot points.

As expected this will deal with the Norwegian team of scientists in a remote Antarctica outpost who discover an alien spaceship far beneath the ice and decide to thaw out one of the creatures inside.

What’s surprising news is that only one of the three lead roles is Norwegian, in fact two of the scientists and a helicopter pilot are English-speaking while the main female character who unleashes the creature by accident is American. Her feelings of alienation working amidst a group of non-English speaking Europeans becomes a key character development issue.

Unfortunately the descriptions sound so cliched as to be quite dull. There’s the 40-something expedition leader, a greedy scientist with plans to use the creature for fame and fortune. There’s the ruggedly handsome 30-something pilot/mercenary who reminds the lead girl of her father and becomes her partner. Then there’s the girl herself whose at constantly at odds with the expedition leader and becomes the woman who must stop the Thing’s potential escape to the outside.

The Matthijs van Heijningen-directed project, with a script penned by Ron Moore and re-written by Eric Heisserer, begins shooting in March in Toronto. You can read the full casting breakdown over here.