Stevenson Talks “Rome” Film Progress

Fans of HBO’s “Rome” will delight in the good news today that the film version of the short-lived but fascinating series is progressing.

Ray Stevenson, who played Titus Pullo on the show, told Movieweb this week during “Punisher: War Zone” DVD promotion that “The script is in full development… We could go into production in a year, or it could be as quick as six months. Who knows? It will happen. At least it is no longer a rumor. From what I have heard, they are nearing the end of script development.”

The show famously dealt with some pretty boundary pushing elements, will the movie go even further? “You have to ask Bruno Heller. Bruno is the one writing the movie, thankfully. I don’t think anybody else could write the movie. It will be Bruno at the helm. That guy has a soft spot for Pullo and Vorenus. I don’t think he will let the ball drop. I don’t think he will disappoint. He never pulled his punches with the hard drama or the social status, or the action sequences. He put full honesty into the characters.”