Stevenson On Asgard’s Decay In “Thor” Sequel

Later this year actor Ray Stevenson reprises his role of Volstagg, one of the Warriors Three, in Marvel’s upcoming sequel “Thor: The Dark World”.

Talking with The Wall Street Journal about returning to the character, the actor revealed how the different look of Asgard in the film will actually be explained in the film’s narrative:

“In the first ‘Thor’ Asgard had this tremendous peace among the 9 realms. They were riding at the heights. Everything is working and looking as it should be.

In this one, the realms are being whipped up into various rebellions. There is a darker malignant force out there and we are in the process of engaging in long protracted skirmishes and battles.

The luster and shine of the city has been taken off and it all leads to a huge assault, an attack at the heart of Asgard. It could be completely wiped out, the stakes are a lot higher.”

Stevenson adds that he gets a lot more fight scenes in this film than he did in the first, and that his character is “great on a battlefield.”

Source: WSJ