Steven Spielberg Set For “Moses” Epic

First he was being pursued, then he was in formal talks, now it is “near to etching in stone” that Steven Spielberg will step onboard to helm the Moses epic “Gods and Kings” for Warner Bros. Pictures says Deadline.

Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine penned the script which aims to tell the entire story of Moses’ life, all the way from birth to death and covers everything from the freeing of the Hebrew slaves and the plagues in Egypt, to the ten commandments and the decades wandering the wilderness.

The tone is expected to be less Cecile B. De Mille and more “Braveheart” with Moses portrayed as one of history’s great warriors. It will also be filmed with a gritty and realistic tone akin to Spielberg’s own “Saving Private Ryan”.

Dan Lin and Matti Leshem were originally attached to produce with shooting to begin March/April 2013. Spielberg just finished directing “Lincoln” and is already at work on “Robopocalypse”.