Steve-O Talks Jackass 3

“Jackass” madman Steve-O has revealed that he already has a plan for the headline stunt for “Jackass 3” if they make it.

“I had this idea, I kind of want to see someone shove their pinky up someone’s ass and cut it off” leaving the pinky in the rectum, explained Steve-O on Thursday’s Howard Stern show says Slashfilm.

“The Stinky Pinky” stunt spurred from the fact that Jackass crew-member Danger Ehren broke his Pinky while filming Number Two. It didn’t heal right and it receives no blood flow, so doctors are going to have to amputate.

Steve-O’s other idea for the next film involves breaking into the Bronx Zoo with a pocket full of Viagra and water based lubricant – “If I can sodomize me the king of the jungle, than I’m on my way,” said Steve-O.