Steve McQueen Makes Fela Biopic

Steve McQueen (“Hunger”) is set to direct the biopic “Fela” for Focus Features reports Variety.

Based on Michael Veal’s book, the story follows the life of the late African musician and activist Fela Anikulapo Kuti whose music fused American jazz, funk and West African drums.

His personal life was colourful, he had 27 wives, and tragic such as the personal costs for speaking out against oppression in Nigeria.

Though Fela is the subject of the recently opened Broadway musical “Fela!”, the musical is not connected to the film project in anyway. Focus however has scored screen rights to Fela’s music and his life story, plus Veal’s book.

McQueen will write the script with Biyi Bandel. Lydia Pilcher and Leigh Blake are producing.