Steve Martin Remakes Himself?

Remaking comedies from the 1980’s is nothing new, remaking them with the original star in the same role – ok that’s not exactly common.

Queen Latifah and “Hairspray” director Adam Shankman are hatching plans to remake the Steve Martin 1984 body-swapping comedy classic “All of Me” and are hoping to talk Martin into the unprecedented move of remaking his own performance.

Latifah play the dying millionaire whose soul accidentally ends up sharing a body with her lawyer (Martin). The trio previously worked together on the hugely successful 2003 comedy “Bringing Down the House.”

“I’ve even thought about Steve doing it [again]. So, like, I’ve got to see. Adam was supposed to call him; I’m not sure if he called him yet to see if he was interested. Somebody’s got to let him know, if he didn’t already read it. I definitely want him to know about it, and see what he thinks about [doing it].” said Latifah to MTV.

She adds that things are still in early stages – “I’m getting a lot of pitches right now from writers who are coming up with a lot of different ways to do it. I haven’t decided which one we’re going to go with yet” – but confirms that she’s meeting with the studio next week to decide on a pitch.