Steve Jobs Boasted Unusual Filming

As has long been talked about, the Danny Boyle-directed and Aaron Sorkin-scripted upcoming Steve Jobs biopic is essentially three key scenes – each set at an Apple product launch – with the odd flashback to help fill out some of the story.

Actor Michael Stuhlbarg, who plays original Apple Macintosh employee Andy Hertzfeldt in the film, recently spoke with Collider and describes the very different filming style that was employed by Boyle and Sorkin to create the movie:

“[T]he Steve Jobs rehearsal process was unlike anything I’ve ever done to this point and probably unlike anything I’ll ever do again. Aaron Sorkin wrote it very much like a three-act play, and each act was a launch of a new product. So we rehearsed each act for two weeks and then we shot for two weeks; then we rehearsed for two weeks and shot for two weeks; then we rehearsed for two weeks and then we shot for two weeks.

And that was amazing because by the time we were ready to shoot, we were really, really ready, and it brought us all together in an extraordinary way. Also, it kind of gave us something in the telling of the story that you don’t often get, which is a sense of momentum, of what a story is telling you. He got the opportunity to get the barrage of nonsense that was being thrown at him throughout the entire story. It was just unlike anything I’ve ever done before.

[Sorkin] was sitting with us in the room while we were rehearsing, so he would say “That little flub or something you just happened to do? Let’s add that in,” or “Say that word and then a comma and then a dot, dot, dot, and say it again afterwards.” So he was constantly refining and retooling. The specificity was insane and I loved that because they hear it a different way, or they hear it the way they want us to do it. I want to completely please the playwright/screenwriter.”

Will this process work? We’ll find out when the film hits cinemas on October 9th.