Stern’s Porky’s Remake Greenlit?

Slashfilm reports that Howard Stern’s remake of the raunchy 1982 cult teen comedy “Porky’s” is “ready to go.”

Stern appparently said during a recent broadcast that “They say it’s all greenlit and everything, ready to go. They say they can even start shooting in October, but I don’t know if that’s true. It seemed like a fun project, which it is.”

“Porky’s” was originally supposed to film in the Summer of 2003, but the project fell into development hell. Stern says a director has not yet been hired, but the reasons for the delay were that “We got two scripts that were developed simultaneously kind of… We’re going to combo them now because there’s funny jokes in both and you have to figure out which is better for the movie. And I obsess on shit too because you want it to be good.”