Stern Turns Down Transformers

Radio shock jock Howard Stern was asked to lend his voice to the upcoming “Transformers” movie but had to turn it down at his agent’s request.

In one scene Soundwave, a robot who takes the form of small consumer electronic devices, will appear as a radio which was supposed to briefly sprout Stern’s voice.

According to Stern on his Monday radio show, he was contacted a week ago in a letter asking him to be in it, but “My agent gets a hold of me. It’s almost like he shakes me up and smacks me. I said to him: This movie, The Transformers, it could be a really big movie. And he goes ‘So, it won’t be because of you, because your f’n voice is on the radio. I thought it might be kinda cool but my agent said ‘you don’t want to be in the movie as an f’n voice on the radio. And I said, you know, you’re right.”

Meanwhile some pretty spectacular but brief clips from the film aired during the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday and can be seen at MichaelBay.Com.