Stephen King’s “It” & “Pet” Move Forward

Lijas Library recently had a one-on-one interview with scribe David Kajganich about how the new film adaptations of Stephen King’s “IT” and “Pet Semetery” are progressing.

Kajganich revealed he turned in a first draft of ‘Pet’ to Paramount Pictures just before a regime change. As a result a new executive was put in charge and wanted to make a lot of changes to make the property appeal ‘younger’.

Kajganich got let out of his contract and the property sat dormant until recently when producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and writer Matt Greenberg came onboard.

As for “IT”, the main challenge is condensing the book into a single feature-length film. “I’m finding as many ways as I can to make certain scenes redundant by deepening and doubling others. To me, this is an interesting process because it has the effect of thematically intensifying the whole, but it can lead to dramatic surprises” says Kajganich.

The horror of the book will be maintained though, “I told the studio from the beginning that I felt I needed to be able to write for an R rating, since I wanted to be as candid as the novel about the terrible things the characters go through as kids. They agreed.”

As for where it sits right now? “we’re still very much in development on it. I’ll just say for now that we’re really swinging for the fences.”