Stephen Hopkins Chases Bohemia

Stephen Hopkins (“The Reaping,” TV’s “24”) will helm the romantic comedy “Chasing Bohemia” for Brazil-based GreenGo Productions reports Variety.

Laura Malin’s script is based on Australian Carmen Michael’s book about her experiences in Rio de Janiero. The twenty-eight-year-old travel industry executive, ditched her job in London and moves into a yellow mansion owned by a flamboyant bachelor who lives in the hills between the favelas.

In the forgotten bairros of old Rio, Carmen embraces Latin American life, flirts with Brazilian high society, collaborates with an Italian revolutionary, walks straight into the well-sprung trap of a local hustler, runs away from him to Buenos Aires and then runs back — only to fall for a samba musician from the local bohemian quarter.

The $10-15 million project begins shooting in Rio in mid-2009.