Stephen Fry Plots Dambusters

One of the smartest comedians to have ever lived has landed a new an unexpected gig.

British TV network ITV held a press conference in the UK on Friday to launch their new drama series “Kingdom” in which Stephen Fry plays a country solicitor.

According to filmick, it seems that during the discussion, Fry broke the news that he will be scripting “Dambusters” for director Christian Rivers and producer Peter Jackson.

Whilst Fry is best known for his work on film and TV, which at last count includes around 89 separate productions since the early 80’s, he’s churned out a few scripts in recent years including 2003’s “Bright Young Things” and Kenneth Branagh’s “The Magic Flute” adaptation.

Sadly, Fry also confirmed he is not writing the episode of “Doctor Who” he was approached to pen two seasons back simply because he doesn’t have the time at present.

Fry has also done well of late with a recurring role on hit FOX series “Bones” and many continue to hope that will parlay into a guest spot on “House” with his long time cohort Hugh Laurie.