Stephan Smith Collins Is A Pinhead

Stephan Smith Collins will take over as the cenobite Pinhead in the upcoming horror sequel “Hellraiser: Revelations” for Dimension Films reports Bloody Disgusting.

The story has two friends, Nico (Jay Gillespie) and Steve (Nick Eversman), unleashing Pinhead while on a sight-seeing trip through Mexico. When Steve skips out on his deal with the Hellish denizen, he must swap himself with one of his own family members.

Devon Sorvari, Steven Brand, Sanny Van Heteren, Tracey Fairaway, Daniel Buran also star. Collins replaces Doug Bradley who has played the role in eight previous films.

Gary J. Tunnicliffe wrote the screenplay and Victor Garcia (“Return to House on Haunted Hill”) helms the project which is currently shooting in Los Angeles.