Stenberg, Okeniyi Play “Hunger Games”

Amandla Stenberg (“Colombiana”) and Dayo Okeniyi (“Slew Hampshire”) are set to play the characters of Rue and Thresh respectively in the upcoming film adaptation of “The Hunger Games” at Lionsgate.

In the books, the pair are the tributes from District 11 who’ve been sent to fight to the death in the titular games. Jennifer Lawrence stars as the fearless warrior Katniss while Josh Hutcherson is her love interest Peeta, both are the tributes from District 12.

Katniss teams up with the young but skilled Rue early on. Thresh is seen as one of the fiercest players in the game. Liam Hemsworth also stars, though his role is said to be minor in the first film.

Lionsgate has also posted a Facebook profile with a scorecard of who’ll play the ‘tributes’ from the various districts. So far only two of the twelve are filled.