Steam’s Biggest Video Games Of 2016

Valve doesn’t reveal much about sales on its PC gaming service Steam beyond a very basic, rankings only list of the biggest revenue earners on Steam in an individual year.

Steam Spy though, which has a bunch of estimated but rigorously acquired and tested data, have now released a breakdown of data for 2016 and revealed that approximately 370 million games were purchased in 2016 be it through direct sales, bundles or free promotions.

Approximately 5,245 new games were released on Steam in 2016, almost double that in 2015, however revenue from game sales has stagnated with the 2016 total at $3.3-3.6 billion – on par with 2015’s $3.5 billion.

The site adds Steam is generating tons of money through other revenue streams that aren’t measured though such as microtransactions. The biggest new individual games included the likes of “Rise of the Tomb Raider,” “No Man’s Sky” and “Stardew Valley”. Check out the full list below:

Source: Kotaku