Steam Breaks Concurrent User Records

Valve’s Steam service broke a concurrent user record over the holiday with a whopping 8,156,455 users online at one time, specifically at 9am US-PST this past Saturday says NeoGaf. That’s impressive figures for a service with approximately 75 million registered users.

The service lists what games are being played. At the peak time it was “Dota 2” which ruled the roost and peaked at 873,114 players, easily ahead of “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” in second place with 349,626 players.

Both were far ahead of the rest of the competition which were in the five-figure range. Scoring high were “Team Fortress 2,” “Football Manager 2015,” “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” “Sid Meier’s Civilisation V,” “Garry’s Mod,” “Counter-Strike,” “Payday 2,” “Warfare,” “Arma 3,” “Terraria,” “Day Z, “Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition” and “Counter-Strike Source”.

Source: The Koalition