Statham To Star In Chinese Action Film?

A Chinese producer is looking to create “an action movie only for Chinese audiences” with British action hero Jason Statham in the lead role.

Statham is currently on tour in China to promote “The Expendables 3” and says he has been wanting to do a movie in China for over a decade since he worked with Chinese actress Shu Qi and Hong Kong director Corey Yuen on 2002’s “The Transporter”. He tells The Global Times:

“We [Qi and Yuen] shared a lot of interests and tastes in films. I had this idea, but for years I still haven’t fulfilled it. The key is finding the right project with the right person.”

Zhang Zhao, CEO of Le Vision Pictures and a producer on both “Expendables” sequels, said his company is working with Statham to do just that, however he didn’t go into any further details.

Source: THR