Statham Talks Potentially Playing James Bond

Action star Jason Statham says he not only could, but would play James Bond if it was on offer. Speaking with The Guardian, the “Spy” star was asked whether he would like to be considered to take over Daniel Craig as 007. He says:

“Could I do it? Abso-f—-lutely. Would I do it? Abso-f—-lutely. Yeah, I’d make a decent Bond… But it’d be very, very different if I did it.”

Though the likelihood of Statham’s casting as Bond is basically none, one more likely possibility is that of him taking on the role of a Bond villain. Sadly Statham doesn’t really have an interest in that:

“I don’t know if I wanna do that. That’s not my thing. I’d rather play the other guy.”

Craig is scheduled to return as the British super spy in “Spectre” which opens towards the end of the year.