Statham Talks “Crank 3” & “Transporter 3”

Jason Statham will be in cinemas twice this Summer – first with the just opened “Furious 7,” and then in June in Paul Feig’s comedy “Spy”. During press rounds for the films this week though, he spoke about two other franchises he has been a part of.

First up, “Crank”. Statham starred in two films in the series, and the actor says that he hopes to do a third despite his character’s apparent immolation at the end of the second film. He tells EW:

“I’d love to do Part 3, put it that way… We’ve been talking for years about Crank 3. The first Crank, for me, was such a great experience. It’s a wacky few weeks that you have with such talented directors [Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor].

There’s no rules when you’re doing the Crank movies. We just keep going: ‘How are we going to get this off the ground?’ They have a loose idea. They haven’t written the script.”

Statham adds that Feig cast him in “Spy” due to his work in the “Crank” films.

The actor also spoke with Vulture about the three “The Transporter” films he did, and more specifically about why he opted not to continue with the series:

“It was obviously a great experience doing those films, and I would have loved to keep doing it. But they wanted me to sign on and do three more films without even seeing a script, and they offered me less money to do three than I’d get paid for one! So it was a business decision.”

As a result, Ed Skrein has taken over the role of Frank Martin in a new trilogy of films starting with “The Transporter Refueled,” opening in September.