Statham On Transporter 3, Crank 2

Jason Statham talked with MTV News this weekend and revealed the status of various projects he’s attached too.

In terms of the “Crank” sequel – “If you thought the first one was crazy, this is ridiculous. It’s mad. I couldn’t resist working with those chaps again. It gives me a chance to go wild in the aisles.”

Despite his character’s apparent death, he says the film will be a true sequel and will start after the events of the first film – “I’m not robotic. It’s a follow-up.”

Meanwhile the prospects of a third “Transporter” are good it seems – “I have a massive yearning to do Part 3 with Luc [Besson]. I think it will happen [soon]…Luc is coming up here in a week or so and we’ll have a talk about [‘Transporter’]…just been waiting for the script to be in a good spot.”

Finally he confirmed he’s not attached to the “G.I. Joe” film in any capacity.