Statham Keeeping Out Of “Fast 8” Feud

In the wake of the public reports of a ‘feud’ between Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the first actor from the “Fast 8” family to really get asked about it point blank is Jason Statham who is currently doing the press rounds for this week’s release of “Mechanic: Resurrection”.

The 49-year-old action star spoke with PEOPLE and was asked about Johnson’s controversial Instagram post lashing out at some of his male costars on “Fast 8”. Statham, for his part, is staying out of it:

“I stay out of any bickering or any troubles that people have. I have nothing to do with it and I don’t want any part of it. Look, Dwayne’s his own man and what he says he’s entitled to say in his own way… and what he wants to say – you’ve got to ask him.”

Statham added that he’s “a good friend of Dwayne’s” and he’d “like to keep it that way.” He added that: “I loved the whole experience of working with that whole crew and the team – and the cast has just been phenomenal.”

The comments follows a posting by Johnson earlier this week in which he thanked several cast members like Tyrse Gibson and Scott Eastwood but failed to thank Vin Diesel.