Statham: “Furious” Spin-Off Is Gritty, Hardcore

Statham Furious Spin Off Is Gritty Hardcore

Like a poor man’s version of old school James Bond, the “Fast and Furious” franchise started out a serious affair and has gradually gotten increasingly ridiculous as time has gone on. That’s a good thing in many people’s eyes.

As the films have moved away from their street racing origins to what is effectively spy & heist thrillers which make good use of cars, the films have become wider appealing and more popular throughout the world – they’ve even gone up in critical acclaim.

Which begs one obvious question – what will the tone of the upcoming spin-off film “Hobbs & Shaw” be? Will it retain the same style as the main films? Will it up the comedy and make more use of stars Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson’s charisma?

Speaking with Collider, Statham himself reveals that incoming director David Leitch is aiming to follow neither of those paths, instead bringing back one thing notably lacking in the films since the early days – realism:

“I think Dave Leitch’s taste is a little more grounded and a little darker…I think he’s looking to do something that doesn’t look exactly like a ‘Fast’ movie. Although it’s the ‘Fast’ characters, he’s trying to do his own thing with it and give it a real sense of credibility. I think Dave is going to get this one gritty, and real, and fucking hardcore.”

Do audiences really want a gritty and hardcore take on those two characters though? We’ll wait and see, but Statham admits things could change as far as he knows:

“We’re trying to do something that isn’t so goofy though. I know the last time [Helen Mirren] slapped me around the face and we got this little… we don’t want to take it too seriously. I’m not the director so I’m not the one controlling the tone of the movie but we want to have some meaningful stuff in it as well as the fun. At the end of the day we want to have the laughs. We want to tear each other apart. We want to enjoy it. This has to be a ride. I guess you’ve got to have the whole package.”

The new “Hobbs & Shaw” film is shooting ahead of a July 26th 2019 release.