Starz Gives “Black Sails” A Third Season

We are still months away from the premiere of the second season of the Starz network’s pirate action drama “Black Sails”. Yet the network is happy enough with the show they’ve already renewed it for a third season to air in early 2016.

This isn’t unprecedented. Starz renewed the series for a second season a full five months before the show premiered its first. Even so, this is a big vote of confidence from the network which has previously struggled to get dramas that go beyond two seasons. ‘Sails’ marks only the third to do so on the network after “Spartacus” and “Da Vinci’s Demons”.

The series, a rather adult prequel to “Treasure Island,” stars Toby Stephens as Captain James Flint and Luke Arnold as a young John Silver. The first season averaged a solid 5.3 million total viewers per episode in the United States, and the show has also been a big hit internationally.

Starz has also just premiered the first trailer for the second season over on the Starz official Black Sails Youtube Channel

Source: Starz