Starz Chief Sees No End To “American Gods”

Talking up his network’s upcoming product yesterday, Starz president and CEO Chris Albrecht spoke about the long-term plans for their breakout new drama series “American Gods”.

The series adaptation of the Neil Gaiman book was envisioned as an ongoing series, but how many seasons it might ultimately reach is unclear.

We do know it has been renewed for a second season, and showrunner Bryan Fuller has previously hinted that at least three seasons (of eight episodes each) would be needed to adapt the tome. The question is, does Starz want to keep going forward with it? Albrecht says:

“Like most of the things we do, we are guided by people in charge of the creative vision, our partner here is FremantleMedia. The vision of Neil is the guiding light, and [exec producers] Bryan Fuller and Michael Green are translators of that vision. We are on board as long as it makes sense for Starz. I don’t see any end in sight, but it also is a difficult show to wrangle, we are trying to get it as soon as we can.”

“American Gods” rode in on a wave of strong reviews for its first four episodes, reviews for the second half of the season, however, were less enthusiastic. Ratings for the series have been solid, but unremarkable.

Source: Zap2It