Starz Chief On “American Gods” Future

With the departure of showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green and actress Gillian Anderson from the series, the future of Starz’s “American Gods” remains uncertain.

The network’s CEO Chris Albrecht commented on the ongoing saga at the Television Critics Association press tour late this past week, trying to downplay the concern. He tells Collider:

“As you’ve seen, we’re having some trouble getting the second season underway, it’s an incredibly difficult adaptation of a fantastic novel, and it’s one of the reason that it took so long to get it to screen in the first place.

Bryan [Fuller] and Michael [Green], working with Neil Gaiman have done a phenomenal job, and our partners Fremantle are working out with Bryan and Michael and their schedules, a way for them to continue to be involved.

Neil Gaiman will be taking more of a central role and moving forward into a more traditional showrunner function. And we’re looking for a partner for him who can ensure that the television part gets the appropriate attention. We’re very committed to American Gods, and I’ve mentioned before it did very well for us. […] We’re hoping for many more American Gods to appear on Starz.”

That all sounded fine until Gaiman said on Twitter that despite those comments, his role will be as hands off in the second season as it was in the first. He says on Twitter:

“I’m already showrunning GOOD OMENS and I won’t be physically showrunning two shows. But I plan to work really closely with the new showrunner, and to help plot and guide and build American Gods, just as I did when Bryan & Michael came on as showrunners.

No new showrunner has yet been named, nor has a start of production or air date for the new season.