Start Date, Director Set For “The Purge 2”

James DeMonaco is returning to both write and direct the sequel to this Summer’s low-budget sci-fi thriller sleeper hit “The Purge” at Universal, Blumhouse Productions and Platinum Dunes.

“The Purge” is built on a high concept – that for one half-day a year, all crime within the United States is legal including murder, rape, and theft. While the first film is essentially a home invasion thriller, the concept allows the narrative a huge scope and variety of settings for further films to exploit.

Shot on a budget of just $3 million and using cost-effective social media and online marketing, the Ethan Hawke and Lena Headley starrer managed to garner an impressive $87 million worldwide.

Serious talk of a sequel first emerged a few months ago when it was revealed that the project was one of several films eligible to receive a tax credit from the state of California.

If cleared by the state and an audit shows the production money was spent in California, up to 25% of the budget will be covered by the credit. The catch? The production has to meet several requirements, and must begin shooting by the end of the year.

Jason Blum and Sebastien Lemercier will produce.

Source: Variety