Starship Troopers Remake Changes Tone

The proposed new adaptation of Robert Heinlen’s sci-fi novel “Starship Troopers” is apparently moving ahead.

“Thor” and “X-Men: First Class” scribe Zack Stentz was recently asked how the film’s script is progressing and what sort of tone it would have. He responded it will be “less a satire & more an actual adaptation of the Heinlein novel. An Officer & a Gentleman in power armor.” Stentz previously compared the new version’s tone with that of “Minority Report”.

Heinlein’s novel, first published in 1959, was politically controversial for its time. It, and the previous 1997 film, followed a futuristic military unit as they progress from recruit to infantry to ranking officers against the backdrop of an interstellar war between mankind and a giant arachnoid species.

However, Paul Verhoeven’s film took a completely different approach to the patriotic and pro-militarism material – turning his adaptation into a satirical action film that heavily sent up fascism.

‘Troopers’ marks the third remake of a Verhoeven sci-fi classic in recent years following 2012’s “Total Recall” and this year’s “Robocop”.

Source: Twitter