Stars, “Gray,” “Belle,” “Road” Get Scribes

The Stars My Destination
David DiGilio has been set to pen the script for the film adaptation of Alfred Bester’s mindbending 1956 science fiction novel “The Stars My Destination” (aka. “Tiger! Tiger!”) at Disruption Entertainment. The story is set in the 25th century when personal teleportation has completely upended human society.

A merchant traveling through the Solar System finds himself stranded, abandoned, imprisoned and then on the run all due to him unaware that he’s carrying a secret and highly valuable metal necessary for an ongoing war effort Jordan Vogt-Roberts (“Kong: Skull Island”) is set to direct. [Source: Deadline]

The Gray Man
Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse have come on board to rewrite Christopher McQuarrie’s “The Gray Man” for Sony Pictures. Charlize Theron is currently attached to star while Joe and Anthony Russo were once on board to write and direct but have since departed

Based on the Mark Greaney novel, the story focuses on an expert CIA op-turned-assassin who is forced to evade adversaries as she saves the lives of daughters she didn’t know were still alive. Theron, Joe Roth and Jeff Kirschenbaum will produce. [Source: Variety]

Opening Belle
Matthew Aldrich has been tapped to pen the adaptation of the Reese Witherspoon-led “Opening Belle” at Warner Bros. Pictures. Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea are set to produce.

Based on Maureen Sherry Kinsky’s upcoming novel, the story follows a mother of three trying to balance home life with her Wall Street career during the year before the financial meltdown. [Source: Deadline]

The Long Road Home
National Geographic Channel is developing a miniseries based on Martha Raddatz’s best-selling novel “The Long Road Home”. Mikko Alanne (“The 33”) will adapt the script for television.

Set on April 4th 2004, the story deals with an eight hour battle in Sadr City in Baghdad where a newly arrived Texan platoon was ambushed. [Source: Variety]