Stars Assemble For Whedon’s Voting PSA

After months of coverage that has left not just the United States but much of the world exhausted by witnessing the partisan rhetoric, the U.S. federal election is entering its final weeks with the vote set to take place on November 8th.

As such both sides have their supporters, one for the Democrats being filmmaker Joss Whedon who created the super PAC ‘Save the Day’ which funded a new celebrity PSA which you can see below. The video, the first in a series, asks voters to get out to the polls an also takes the time to put in a few digs at Donald Trump (though he’s never mentioned by name).

Many of “The Avengers” actors show up along with the likes of Keegan-Michael Key, James Franco, Julianne Moore, Leslie Odom, and Neil Patrick Harris in a clip which promises a very special treat for those who do go out and vote – full frontal nudity from a certain Avenger. Check it out below.