Star Wars Toys To Make $5B In One Year?

The guessing game over how much “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will earn at both the domestic and international box-office continues, but one thing that hasn’t really been speculated about is how much the combination of the film’s merchandise and the Disney merchandise marketing machine will earn in regards to the franchise.

Today, Variety reports that Macquarie Securities analyst Tim Nollen predicts that the first year following the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is estimated to generate $5 billion dollars in franchise merchandise revenue.

In one year it will effectively pull in one-quarter of the $20 billion in total revenue the brand has grossed since 1977. It’s estimated that Disney takes 10% of merchandise sales ($500 million).

One bit of money the studio won’t get is that from scalped tickets says Yahoo. Tickets for IMAX 3D opening night showings of the film are being sold for $200 or more. Tickets for a special Disney World screening which originally went for less than $100 are now going for upwards of $1,000.