Star Wars Tops Xmas Weekend Box-Office

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” continues to have a massive impact on the box office, the end of year juggernaut set to push this year’s box-office past the $10.91 billion record high of 2013. In fact the Christmas frame at the box-office this year is looking very healthy, up 50% on last year, with a number of new films opening and almost all overperforming.

On Friday, ‘Force Awakens’ opened to $49 million and is headed towards a second domestic weekend haul of around $160 million. The film will certainly amass a $1 billion global haul by the end of the weekend and could domestically top the $534 million total haul of “The Dark Knight” by that time too.

The film is set to be the fastest to $500 million (10 days as opposed to “Jurassic World” at 17 days), In fact the record holding $760 million domestic haul of “Avatar” is now in jeopardy with speculation already rife that ‘Force Awakens’ could ultimately be the first film to reach a $1 billion domestic total.

“Star Wars” isn’t the only film having a stellar time at the box-office this weekend though. The Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg comedy “Daddy’s Home” is in second place with a whopping $43-46 million opening. This would be Ferrell’s second best behind only “Talladega Nights” and not far off the $50 million budget.

The Jennifer Lawrence-led “Joy” is looking to open in third with just over $20 million, while the Tina Fey-led comedy “Sisters” is holding strong in its second weekend and could beat its solid opening weekend haul in its sophomore outing with around $14 million. Adam McKay’s financial dramedy “The Big Short,” which opened Wedneaday, is beating expectations and is headed to a $17+ million five-day haul.

In limited release, “The Revenant” is heading towards the second highest opening weekend theater average of 2015 with around $125,000-$130,000 per screen on four screens (“Steve Jobs” holds the record this year with $130,000). The roadshow presentation of “The Hateful Eight” on 100 screens is performing stellar business and is headed towards a $47,000-$52,000 per screen average. Both films have been selling out with venues having to add extra session times.

So who has not been doing so well? The Will Smith-led NFL drama “Concussion” is coming in a little soft with estimates for the weekend putting it at around $12 million. Fox’s “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip” isn’t going so great either but should match the $14 million opening last weekend again this weekend. Finally the ghastly reviewed “Point Break” remake is also headed to somehere around $11 million, but has lucked out by already opening in Asia and having pulled in $46 million so far.

Source: Box-Office Mojo